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Lessons from Benny Hinn Crusade for Me…

Lessons from Benny Hinn Crusade for me…
  • The Church must come back to Bible teaching, not just music and prophesy.
  • Read the Scriptures (don’t just read chapters, rather use thought lines (story lines) and meditate on those things.
  • Prayer is the ignition that makes things work (mix the word with prayer).
  • The Deity of Christ as a message must be taught to today’s generation for miracles signs and wonders to happen.
  • Humility, brokenness and holiness is a must for a man of God.
  • Worship and music is an aid for creating by an atmosphere to have the LORD come and do his thing.
  • Impactful ministry does have enemies and opposition but the Word of God is your survival kit.
  • It costs a lot of money to make impact and there must be a plan for it (use faith but be intentional in fundraising).
  • Expect divine moves of God in every area of the meeting in this season.
  • Anointing does not shield you from problems and attacks but again the storehouse of the word will deliver you.
  • The Lord Jesus will not forsake those he has called. He is always there with them, even in troubling times.
  • Your gift will still work, but ministering to the Lord is more important than anything else in ministry. This will help you finish well.
  • Work out your salvation in fear and trembling regardless of your success.
  • Learn to work with others even those who you do not agree with, at least for kingdom purposes.
  • Respect and honor elders and do not push for a position, but let God place you himself.
  • Finally, it wasn’t just a Benny Crusade, very many workers had to do their job for it to work, administratively, prayerfully, sacrificially, and in oneness.
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