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Apostolic Counsel / Prophetic Insight

God has been waiting for the ‘Bible Believing & Practicing Church’ to align to His original intention and blueprint so she can impact the world for Jesus, but she has derailed herself with non-essential distracting issues, programs and leadership immaturity. Time to Shake her is Now! For the rest of the Religious community, you are ripe to be re-evangelized to bring you into Christ because you have been in religion for too long!
“Church, Church, Satan has asked for you to Sfit you as wheat. But I have prayed for you that your Faith fail not during this season in Kenya. And when you are Returned or converted, you shall strengthen your Brethren” – Luke 22:31-32
See you all at the STANDING STRONG MINISTERS CONFERENCE 2023 from 11th-14th July 2023

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